Is Real Estate Killing Your Creativity?

It does not take much to look around the real estate industry and see that everyone is doing the same thing. You see the same website components (sometimes even the same websites), the same ‘just listed’ sheets, and often the same marketing methods.

Yes, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but blindly following others is one of the greatest killers of creativity out there, and is certainly one of the easiest ways to be


Rather than following in the footsteps of every other ‘neighborhood’ expert, make your own mark! Be authentic and stop being afraid to shake things up a little.

Being different gets you noticed. Being you makes your brand authentic…So, embrace the things that make you tick and step up your game!

Look for opportunities to be creative. Embrace the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone. Dare to be different – start living your brand values, and show them to the world….After all, if you are simply going to deliver everything that every other Realtor ® is going to deliver, why should a waiting client trust you to stand out for them when it comes to the sale or purchase of their home?

When you approach your marketing different from others in your industry the sky is the limit – because like all other industries out there, change will come. Those afraid to adapt to change will go the way of Blockbuster…Be different!

Be what makes you, you and stop making the same noise as everyone else – we’ve heard it all before.

At the end of the day, you need to separate your message from every other Realtor ® out there. To do this, you must first understand what makes you different.

Bring the answers to these questions into the fold, and toss out your run-of-the mill marketing taglines and post cards – be better! This elevated delivery of content, in an original and interesting format, will ultimately be your crowning achievement.

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