How to Market to Baby Boomers

Who are those in the Baby Boomer generation? And how can you rev up your current marketing strategy to attract them.

Baby Boomers ‘invented’ the suburbs when they opted to leave decaying urban areas with pockets full of down payment dollars. To this day, Boomers are still enjoying life in the cozy confines of their own invention…Only now, they may be planning to live in a better home than they do today.

Insight into marketing to Baby Boomers (ages 53-71)

  • Enormous buying power – some estimates have them controlling 70% of disposable income.

  • Digital marketing—even the most advanced methods—works for baby boomers! In fact, 85% of Baby Boomers consistently spend time browsing and shopping online, and 66 percent of people over 50 routinely make purchases from online retailers.

  • Nearly 1/2 the Internet population is comprised of people aged 45 and up.

  • Boomers are the continuing to show as the fastest growing demographic for social media, with highest usage being on Facebook (70%), Google + (39%), Twitter (31%), LinkedIn (25%) and Pinterest (11%).

  • Reaching this demographic requires a different approach from the approach you’d use trying to reach someone in their 20s or 30s. For example, research indicates that baby boomers are the least likely to use a smartphone to make a purchase.

  • Baby Boomers spend more time-consuming content than any other generation. In fact, roughly 25 percent spend 20+ hours each week consuming content. (aka: they like to read)

  • Baby Boomers report high response rates (76%) to direct mail efforts.

  • Baby Boomers are fiercely loyal to brands and businesses they were satisfied with and are highly likely to recommend their favorites to friends and family.

According to a Forbes report, 70% of Baby Boomers think their home is not the best they can get, and are looking for more, and where are they going to find them?...

Best Way to reach Baby Boomers

  • Facebook. Most baby boomers have a Facebook account. Targeted ads and relevant content will catch their attention.

  • Slower paced videos. GIF-style videos, live videos, or videos backed by high-intensity music don’t hold as much appeal for them. Use videos to pack in a lot of information, and don’t be afraid of using longer videos.

  • Content marketing. Baby boomers consume a lot of content, so content marketing will be effective. Invest liberally in content marketing of all varieties—it’ll bring the biggest ROI.

  • Blogging. Blogging is a method of content marketing, of course, and it’s one of the most effective.

  • Email. An active email marketing campaign is always important and will be effective in marketing to this demographic.

  • Direct mail. Baby boomers are more likely to respond to direct mail campaigns than any other generation.

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