Does direct mail still work?

Any trip to the mail box is sure to yield a good amount of 'junk mail'.

Sales pitches gone wrong and missing the mark.

If only the person behind the post card mailer used a little creativity combined with a personal approach..You may have actually read it, and they may not have wasted their money.

So...Does direct mail still work?

Yes. But also No. It depends on your approach.

Rather than focusing on what not to do, let's dive into the deep end of what you should do, and could do.​​

How to make direct mail work? Here are some ideas;

Make it personal.

Sending a standard post card to your farm area, or a strata complex you'd like to sink your claws into is not going to work. This whole concept of 'just listed, just sold" or "I sold this unit, let me sell yours" is a far fall from responsible, creative or even 'correct' marketing. Stop wasting your money on design, printing and postage costs for post cards and take a personal approach instead.

A personal approach will likely take you a little more time to execute, but it will cost less and will work!

It's simple....Handwrite a note or card and send it in the mail with a handwritten name and address. To add even more bang to your buck and make your personalized direct mail campaign that much more measurable, include a call to action with reward...The old stick and carrot...


(in this example a new coffee shop opened up in the neighbourhood where your target client lives)

- Go to the new coffee shop and speak the owner/manager. Introduce yourself and tell them you would like to by some of the folks in the neighbourhood a coffee. Tell them you are going to invite a select about 100 or so people to buy coffee for, and ask if they would be so kind as to help you keep track (who is not going to help exchange for more business?)

- Prepare a card or specific letter with a tear-away coupon at the bottom

- Make sure each coupon has its own unique name or number sequence on it

- In your records, note (with accuracy) who you sent the coupons to and the corresponding number sequence (so you know who is redeeming what and when)

- Handwrite a short and positive message. Do not include things like market stats or sales stats, there is nothing personal about spewing stats at strangers.

- Include your call to action(CTA) towards both the beginning and at the end of your handwritten note.

Your call to action may be something along the lines of:

​​FIRST CTA: "And hey, have you tried that new coffee shop that opened up on the corner of 12 Ave and 34 Street? If not, you absolutely have to - and it's on me! Give me a call and leave a free coffee voucher for you at the corner"

SECOND CTA: "Don't forget to give me a call about that free coffee - no strings attached"

- Affix proper postage, and send

- To ramp up your marketing efforts even more, jump on your Facebook business page and create an add targeted to the same addresses you just sent your direct mail to.

  • Do this every two or three months to really get noticed, and move your way through different businesses in the neighbourhood.

  • This has a positive residual impact on your business because it not only gives you great fodder for your direct mail campaigns, but also grows your sphere with the small business community in the neighbourhood.

  • Working with small business proprietors also gives you the opportunity to exchange links through one another's web sites with increases both parties page authority and SEO.

  • Using a CTA that asks for a phone call puts you in a live discussion with your target client. This is thee best place to be when your goal is to convert lead to paying customer/ real estate client.

Try it out and let us know how it worked! We would love to hear your story!

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