3 Awesome Benefits of a Facebook 'Boost Post'

First, let me clear the air…Yes, there are benefits to boosting Facebook posts. I am actually surprised that there are some so-called Facebook marketing experts out there telling people otherwise…I guess we all have different definitions of ‘expert’….This quick quip aside, let’s dive into why boosting a Facebook post can be ‘good’ and the benefits of doing so:

1. Boosting is a great way to test new content. Facebook insights will allow you to see what is doing well, and if your boost performance is good, you can put more dollars behind the particular piece of content and re-direct your ad objective.

2. Boosting a post wins more engagement. To be clear, engagement is very, very, very good. In fact engagement rate is one of the key metrics you should be measuring on Facebook.

Look at it this way….If you continue to post, and you are not receiving likes, comments or shares, your page has a low engagement rate and therefore, lacks social proof and brand authority.

NEVER EVER let anyone tell you that there is no value in a Facebook ‘like’, there is, and those who say otherwise are likely confused and trying to sell you something.

3. One thing you need to keep in mind that the digital world is all interconnected, and what ​​happens on Facebook can and will impact things like your website SEO. You see, the more people who visit your website, the better you look to Google. The better you look to Google,

the better your search engine ranking.

What does this have to do with a Facebook Boost Post?Well, dear reader….If you make sure that whatever you boost directs to your website when clicked on, you win yourself more web visitors.

Even more so, if you make sure that whatever you boost directs people to a web-form within your website and allows you to capture names & email addresses, your boost posts will result in new leads for your sales funnel.

(Expert tip – design your web-form so that users can authenticate with Facebook to make it quick and easy)

In Summary, Facebook boost posts are a great way of not only getting your brand out there, but they often result in new fans as well. Think of boosts as a paid page like campaign mixed with content, driving website engagement.

And always remember, there IS value in a like.

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