5 Free Tools to Create Visual Content for Real Estate Marketing

As you may or may not know, when it comes to sourcing images for your social media and blog posts, a Google image search is not the way go about business.

As you may or may not also know, there are images that you can download for free (as well as tools to manipulate them), all you need to do is register!

Here are the top 5 (easy to use) tools that real estate pros can source to DIY their digital & print marketing:

1. Canva


  • ​​Easy and free to use tool

  • Allows members to create graphic overlays, infographics, real estate flyers, event posts, banners, blog images and more

  • Provides a wealth of templates for ease of use and inspiration

2. Adobe Spark


  • Create graphics, animated video, and more with Adobe Spark graphic design app

  • Much like all Adobe products, Spark is great

  • Wonderful prompts to move you through design options, great for beginners

3. Pexels


  • Free photographs for easy download

  • Site does have a good deal of ads, but for a free image source, this is to be expected

  • Easy downloads and quick search options by colour, theme, style, popularity, etc

4. Pixabay


  • Free to use with unlimited downloads

  • Upload 10 of your own images to remove ads from your account

  • Easy downloads, good search functionality

  • Limited images, but likely to have what you are looking for

5. Unsplash


  • “Free do whatever you want high resolution photos” as noted on their website.

Limited options, but likely to have something for ever

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