Lead Generation vs. Awareness Marketing

Knowing what you are doing, and why you are doing it will always help you focus on the end game, and of course get results for your efforts. Here is a quick article that will help you determine what you are doing, what you are not doing, and what results you can expect.


The primary goal of awareness marketing is to feed the top of your real estate sales funnel. This is where people learn about you, are introduced to you, and find out who you are.

The top goal for any awareness marketing campaign is to get as many eyeballs on you as possible.

Awareness-driven marketing focuses on brand recognition, so it’s easier for REALTORS® to drive a prospect further down the funnel & turn them into clients.


Social Media is a big one. Being out there and interacting with the millions, upon millions of social media users daily lets them know you are out there. Of course, you need to make sure you are using social media correctly – this is a big one! It is not enough to post your new listings, your testimonials and why you are another ‘community expert’. You MUST use social media socially! Engage! Like other posts, follow other pages, comment, re-tweet, join groups, and have conversations. If you are an expert in real estate and wish to appear this way, then commenting on real estate related posts is a great way to get your name out there and to highlight your expertise.

Your website. Many REALTORS® make the mistake of piggy backing on their brokerage, thinking that simply being listed in the ‘find an agent” tab is enough – it’s not. You NEED to have your own site where people can go to find you and only you. This is where you build your brand, highlight your value proposition, and indicate what makes you the best bet to help buy or sell real estate.


The primary goal of lead generation is to drive prospects deeper into the sales funnel. This is where you are gaining possible action through interest from buyers (aka: potential clients). So, people have learned about you through awareness marketing, now they are ready to learn more about you or real estate.

The top goal for any lead generation campaign is to get as many potential buyers (qualified buyers) as possible. Once you have said leads, you nurture them and massage them deeper through your sales funnel with the ultimate goal of winning a new client.


Again, social media is a great way to win leads. When combined with your awareness marketing strategy, one marketing concept will play off the other. Here you are using social media (correctly as noted above), and introducing premium content that grabs the attention of your social media audience.

Social media ads may also be designed to capture leads onto a lead form and emailed directly to your inbox (Facebook in particular is great for this).

Your website. Here you can implement sign up forms to attain lead email addresses, attach landing pages with sign up forms or premium content downloads, or access to calculators or home evaluation forms. All of these should have systems built in to capture information from people who are in the market for real estate based content.

In addition, your website should host a section for blogs. Why? This is where you showcase your expertise in real estate. This is also going to help your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which determines how easy your page is to find when someone Googles real estate services in your area.

Email marketing. If you have your systems in place on your website, and have created Facebook lead generation ads, you will have a good supply of email addresses on hand – using email marketing is how you are going to connect with your leads and stay top of mind, (even if they are not ready to buy or sell, an excellent email marketing strategy gives you access to referrals from leads). A great (and free) platform to use for your email marketing is MailChimp.

Display ads. These can be highly successful and are another reason why you need your own website. Display ads are web based ads that put you in front of a highly targeted demographic. You can select where you want the ads to be seen by choosing an online publication that you feel is a place where your leads spend time, or you can also leverage re-targeting ads that will cookie a lead who views your site. With re-targeting , once a person gets ‘cookied’, your ads appear on other sites that he or she visits afterwards.

Yes. As you can see from the above, lead generation takes time and is best executed with a strategy in mind and to guide you. Lead generation campaigns can also weigh on the expensive side, so before undertaking an aggressive approach to lead generation, be prepared to pay!

At the end of the day, you need to be practicing both awareness marketing and lead generation..Awareness marketing gets you noticed, lead generation converts.

You have to swing the bat, before you can hit the ball

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