How long does it take for SEO to work?

The short answer…6 to 12 months.

The long answer….It takes time!

SEO is worth all the time and effort so hang in there. If you’re looking for some tips to help you along, here are a few you can keep in your back pocket.

1. First things first, pay attention to your Google Analytics. From here you can monitor your rankings and watch as they go slowly go up. Keep in mind, when rankings start to get slower, and slower it might be the result of your page ranking is getting higher and higher.

Keep in mind, it takes time!

2. CHEAT – Some people do this, some people don’t – I have no har line opinion to share on this, do what works for you.

How to cheat…Purchase old aged domains that already have good authority and re-direct to your website.

3. Focus on GREAT content and backlinks! (Allow me to reiterate…Backlinks! Backlinks! Backlinks!)

Backlinks are like votes, the more you have the more authority your page has, the more authority your page has, the higher your ranking.

4. Use internal web links within your content.

You have likely seen this in action when you have yourself consumed content.One blog about any given topic, will include a link to another blog about a complimentary topic.

Internal links do not have to be from blog to blog, they can (and should) be from page to page, topic to topic, listing to listing…you get the idea.

5. Traffic. You need people to actually visit your website, then you need them to stay there long enough to consume your website content and click-through your website content. The longer they are on your website, the better (as a good rule of thumb).

A good way to drive traffic to your website is through the implementation of a solid social media strategy.You can also pay into Google ads (like PPC campaigns – you pay money when people click on the Google ad to your site).Keep in mind, if you ae new to Google ads you’re going to want to do your research – they can get very expensive very fast.

6. Practice on page SEO. All of your pages should be indexable, include internal on-page linking, and your site should focus on topical content. The more targeted your site is, the higher you will rank in that space (assuming your target space is not heavily saturated with heavy-weight brands).

An example for topical content; perhaps you have found that most of your real estate clientele are first time home buyers in search of downtown condo’s.

Focus your site content on first time home buyers & downtown condo’s, downtown lifestyle, etc.

7. Lastly, it’s worth it to use an SEO expert. Developers are likely not going to care or take SEO into account. Use an experienced and respected SEO consultant (like Realtor® Marketing Lab), and keep in mind…It takes time!

Let us know how your SEO journey is going!

Email us your story (good or bad)

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