Top 10 reasons to outsource your real estate marketing

At first consideration, you may have reservations when it comes to outsourcing your real estate marketing…But there are many benefits of utilizing a third party for your marketing efforts, here is a list of 10 reasons why outsourcing your real estate marketing could be your best bet.

  1. Cost – Costs less than a full-time employee

It may sound expensive to hire a marketing agency, however, for half the money, you can hire a professional real estate marketing firm with years of valuable experience and knowledge. When you consider a full time employee, you will be paying for desk space, hardware, insurance benefits, workers compensation and other government mandated costs, which are not required for agency costs – you pay one amount per month to the agency, and not a penny more.For as little as $500 per month, you gain access to a team of experts in marketing, who understands that your success is their success.

2. Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Effective marketing agencies and experts are metrics driven.Most, if not all marketing activity that is undertaken should be measurable.This allows the person behind the helm of your marketing to know what is working well and what is not.By capitalising on what works best and making changes to what is not producing the highest return of results, gives your marketing the very best chance at success.Realtor® Marketing Lab uses a variety of tracking and measurement tools to deliver a clear picture of the work we do for our clients, thus allowing us to track their return on investment.

3. Team Access

When you hire a single employee to handle your marketing, you have access to only one perspective and one resource.Hiring an external agency will usually give you a multi-disciplinary team which is far more than what may be expected from an entry level coordinator or administrator employee. Even a small agency such as Realtor® Marketing Lab has a deep selection of expertise available with your best interest in mind. Spend less, get more.

4. Increase the Value of Your Business

Entering dialogue with a home seller and presenting them with the concept that you have enlisted the expertise of an agency to help market their property adds value to your business.By conveying the multitude of marketing channels used and the agencies proficiency in marketing, you look like a top mind and trusted expert in real estate. In marketing, this concept is known as either your Unique Selling Position or Value Proposition (USP or VP respectively), which is essentially the differentiation that make you better than your competition.

5. Experience & Expertise

When you hire a single employee to manage your marketing efforts, you may only be hiring a few years of experience, and not necessarily the best expertise available.When you hire an agency you immediately gain access to a team with decades of combined marketing expertise and experience.Not only does having a team of experts better your chances of seeing marketing success, but you gain access to the cross-pollination of ideas, and fresh concepts to position you as a leader in the real estate world.

6. Immediate Access to Innovation Tools

Any expert marketer is knowledgeable and proficient in a wide range of value added tools.When hiring an in-office employee to drive your marketing efforts, you can expect to pay for access to these tools directly from your own pocket.When hiring a real estate marketing agency you do not have to pay for the use of these value added tools, they are all part of the agencies expertise and full body of marketing innovation resources.

7. Have more Time

You need time to focus on the daily operations of your real estate business. By passing the marketing focus to a real estate marketing agency, you will be able to focus on your execution and implementation of day to day business instead of on reaching your target customer, posting on social media and design compelling print pieces…It may seem like a few small projects here and there, but when you think it through, do you really have time to manage your marketing efforts? From social to print to web -- marketing can take a huge chunk out of anyone’s week. By outsourcing all of these tasks (and more) to an experienced real estate marketing agency you will free up your time by diverting these tasks to those who know how to produce the best results from these efforts. Spend less, get more, be great!

8. Strategy

Strategy development and execution can be a stumbling block for real estate professionals.Not only do many miss this impactful and essential step in their marketing landscape, but those who do develop strategies often pass them by and veer off course.When you let an agency manage your marketing, you will not only hire a team to complete tasks, but a team that will strategize with you and for you. If you are only completing tasks and not taking the time to strategize, you are likely moving horizontally rather than seeing vertical results.

9. Honesty, Insight & Perspectives

A good real estate marketing agency is going to do a deep dive into your current marketing endeavors and give you the best advice and course of action – even if it’s something you do not want to hear.This is something that is more difficult for a full-time employee, who may be fearful of voicing their perspective as their sole income is tied to their job with you, or perhaps because they may not know any better.Working with an agency gives to access to honesty, which is conducive to your business growth, and differentiation – which is imperative to win market share from the competition.

10. Give Back

Some real estate marketing agencies, like Realtor® Marketing Lab offer access to community giving programs.These programs help promote you & your business as a caring and compassionate community leader.Realtor® Marketing Lab has partnered with Raising the Roof, a national Canadian organization that is a leader in long-term solutions to ending homelessness. Each year, Raising the Roof supports more than 50 community agencies across the country, and works together with partners in all sectors to address the issue.

When you work with Realtor® Marketing Lab, you join our giving efforts to raising the roof by allowing us to donate up to 15% of your quarterly marketing fees to this tremendous organization – in addition, each quarter you will receive a badge for use in your marketing, as well as an annual certificate that may proudly be displayed in your office and through your marketing channels.

---> 11. BONUS POINT <-----

Outsourcing your real estate marketing to a professional service is tax deductible.

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