7 Idea’s to increase your Google ranking

If you are looking to place higher in Google search results but not sure where to get started, here are some down and dirty tips to get you going in the right direction (up!)

1. Key words and relevancy. Use a tool like Market Muse to help you determine all the key words and phrases that are not on your page and should be. Add the same key words through blog posts and all web pages.​​

2. Update your posts consistently. Although as a Realtor® you have the added advantage of regular listing updates to your website, you still need to roll up your sleeves and create

compelling content that will help position you as an authority.

A great example to help you along the way (that will save time year over year), is a regular blog​​ series about changes to the real estate landscape, for example:

New changes to BC real estate in 2017

New changes to BC real estate in 2018

New changes to BC real estate in 2019

3. Pay attention to your web page bounce rate (through your Google Analytics account)…If someone performs a search, they click on a search result, if they quickly leave your site & return to the Google search results page, you have a high bounce rate, and that’s not a good thing.

Once you determine what pages have high bounce rates, go behind the scenes and make updates to pages.Add better content, tell better stories, use better images – just be better!

4. Make sure your site is mobile friendly. Many companies providing boxed websites for Realtors® have released responsive designs in the past year, this is a good step on their behalf, but still missing the mark. The latest Google updates (Hummingbird), is pushing emphasis on A&P compatibility.

5. Build out your brand. This is where social media comes in and it’s many opportunities! ​​Google factors brand popularity into search results. For example, let’s look at General Motors ​​vs. Porsche…If you execute a Google search for ‘car’, chances are Google is going to position General Motors before Porsche – why? Because more people are using Google to search for GM, it’s a more accessible brand. Use social to help build out your brand, get your name out there, and in time search will see you as the accessible option people are likely looking for.

This, is one of the many reasons why branding matters.

6. Use content flipping as part of your digital tackle box. What is content flipping you ask? This is when you point high ranking content to a landing page that flips to new or less popular content. Aim for maximum visits, that’s what you want here.

7. Use your Google tools. Google search console, Google Analytics, Google Keyword search (just to name my top 3 favorites)

That's it!

Let me know how it goes!


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