5 Juicy Facebook Ad Insider Tips

Before you start throwing money into the wind in hopes of capitalizing on Facebook ads, make sure you have each of these items crossed off your list:

1. Have a really good image to use as part of your ad. We wrote this great article on the best free tools to use to build great images.

2. If your goal is to drive traffic, use a good amount of text. I know, I know, some people think that less text is the way to go, we find the opposite to be true. (tried and tested for real estate professionals, this is always the case).

Using persuasive copy and telling a compelling story puts in front of the right clients and is far more likely to convert.Yes.Your CPC (cost per cick) may increase, but so will your CR (conversion rate), therefore, the benefit far outweighs the cost….Great for ROI!

3. Not everything that works for someone is going to work for someone else. There are always a good deal of variables to consider, so before you dive into the deep end of your budget, try this approach…Make 5 different ads and assign 5 different objectives to each. Commit to a total ad budget of $5.00 for each of your 5 ads, and run each ad for a day or two (Thursday and Friday are the best ad test dates).

Doing ad testing like this will give you a clear picture of what works best for you and your target clients.Once you know what works, scale!

4. This one is paramount to any ad campaign set….Congruency!

Whatever your copy (writing), and whatever your image, make sure it is congruent to your brand and your business.Images and writing should be in the same tone as they are on your website and social pages.

Nothing is worse than clicking on a great looking ad from a great looking Facebook page, and being redirected to a circa 1983 website in the deep dark dank corners of the internet.

If you are going to practice marketing in a digital world, do it right – look good, feel good and offer great content.

5. Find inspiration and take from what is already working. Some great tools to help you along your way:

  • AdEspresso (by Hootsuite)

  • BuzzSumo

  • Swiped.co

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