Stop wasting time & effort on social media…Do these things instead

1. Suck in the social.

There is no need to be active on every single social media platform out there. Rather than straining resources, pick one or two great apps that are key to your target demographic, and use them well. You cannot be everything to everyone, so instead be something great to someone who cares.

Zero in on who you want to connect with, who is buying homes in your target / farm areas and execute on the platforms they are likely to be using – and use those platforms well.

Want to target baby boomers? Learn how to HERE

Want to target Gen X?Learn how to HERE

2. Content value.

Once you do away with the idea of using every social media channel out there, you need to build out your voice through content, keeping in mind how your voice will best reach your target market.

First, think of value.What posts will deliver the most value to those you want to reach?

TIP: Don’t always make it about you. Sure, you’re great, but people inherently care about themselves and what is important to them – so meet them THERE!

Think of content that will solve their problems, serve their needs, pique their interests, and helped to fulfill their goals.

3. Creation in the digital world.

This is where things can get tricky, or at the very least time consuming – even for large companies with designated content marketers in the drivers seat, content creation is a beast.

Some important things to remember; if you are going to create content, then create content. This means on a regular basis (at least once per week), you need to block out time to be in front of your computer creating high value, original content that appeals to your audience.

Learn all about content creation & importance HERE

4..Social Media – Social = WRONG

Ok, so you have identified your target audience, you know where they ‘hang out’, you know what types of content they want and consider valuable, and you have created it for them….Now what?

Well…To be clear simply posting to your social media pages and turning away is not enough. Let me say this again, (for the people in the back), posting on your social media pages and turning away is not enough.

What does this mean?

There are two-parts to social media, the social aspect and the media aspect. You NEED TO REMEMBER THE SOCIAL ASPECT! You need to like other businesses, other posts from other people (even those you do not know – especially those you do not know), you need to like, comment, share, +1, follow, re-tweet, other people and places.

You need to engage socially and not focus only on you and what your pages/profiles are doing. John Donne said “No Man is an Island”, this is as true in social media as it is anywhere….ENGAGE!

5. Use it or Lose it!

Okay, so actually using your social media profiles and pages goes without saying, but what might need saying is the amount of time you spend using them.

Is once per week on Facebook enough? No.

Is once per week on Twitter enough? No.

My grandmother used to say, “if you’re going to do something, do it right, or don’t do it at all” (props to grandma xox)…If you are going to use social media, USE IT!

Learn the best times to post on social media and post at these times. When someone comments, comment back. Thank people for following you. Post daily. Interact. Engage.

All this being said, you do not have to allow social media to dictate your day.

If you find yourself falling down the proverbial rabbit hole and spending more time on social than you have, it may be time to re-think the actions you take on social, or outsource your social media to an expert company that can help.

Learn about why outsourcing may be your best bet HERE

Need help or have questions with social media marketing? Contact us today!

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