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Like most data sets, social media platforms offer some analytic information that is based more on vanity than value, knowing what to measure makes for a better strategy and improved value.


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The short answer…6 to 12 months. The long answer….It takes time! SEO is worth all the time and effort so hang in there!


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Here are 7 down and dirty tips to get your real estate website ranking higher than your competition.


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NEVER EVER let anyone tell you that there is no value in a Facebook ‘like’ - there is, and those who say otherwise are likely confused and trying to sell you something.


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Not everything that works for someone is going to work for someone else. There are always a good deal of variables to consider, so before you dive into the deep end of your budget, try this approach


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Sending a standard post card to your farm area, or a strata complex you'd like to sink your claws into is not going to work. This whole concept of 'just listed, just sold" or "I sold this unit, let me sell yours" is a far fall from responsible,...


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There is no need to be active on every single social media platform out there. Rather than straining resources, pick one or two great apps & use them well


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At the end of the day, content is king. If you are not creating relevant, consumable content that provides value to potential clients, you are losing out.


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At the end of the day, you need to be practicing both awareness marketing and lead generation..Awareness marketing gets you noticed, lead generation converts. (You have to swing the bat, before you can hit the ball).


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There are many benefits of outsourcing your real estate marketing to an experienced agency, here we reveal 10 great reasons why outsourcing outweighs a full time employee.

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